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What You Will Learn

  • Write in a few words what your students will learn in this course.

  • Write in a few words what your students will learn in this course.

  • Write in a few words what your students will learn in this course.

  • Write in a few words what your students will learn in this course.

  • Write in a few words what your students will learn in this course.

  • Write in a few words what your students will learn in this course.

  • Course Created by

    Jess Jones

    Jess Jones has 20 years of experience in User Experience Design and have trained more than 1000 students.

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    I'am Your Rapid Growth Expert

    Founder of Rapid Growth Success

    I've helped 1,782 small businesses achieve 6 figures in 90 days, with up to $50,000 in Monthly Recurring Revenue.

    • Write about your unique proposition here

    • Write about your unique proposition here

    • Write about your unique proposition here

    My one and only goal will be to work with you and strategize a system that can take your business to the next level with insane profits.

    4.8 stars from students around the nation!

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    Want Lenders Begging YOU to take their money?

    Learn step by step strategies on how to build your Financial Brand and get UNLIMITED ACCESS to business capital and $250,000 in credit cards EVEN STARTING FROM SCRATCH in 90 days with your business.

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    destinee ray

    Want Lenders Begging You to Fund Your Small Business?

    Get loans, credit cards, and lines of credit (LOC) on any scale for your small business where traditional problems like time in business, personal FICO score doesn't exist and without doing it all yourself!

    Don't know your options? Struggling at how to present to lenders or even where to get started? We can help you with that by enrolling into a specialized business funding training to attract small business funding with premium terms and rates.

  • Business Loans

  • Business Lines of Credit

  • Business Credit Cards

  • I thought because my business was new it would stop me from getting the funding I needed for my business but I'm glad I was proved wrong.

    Tim Mancey

    To see what your small business qualifies for, fill this quick form.

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    credit cards

    Your time is important!

    Puzzled about what to say in your pitch to Lenders or on your funding applications?

    Many people don't even seek the help they need simply because they have no clue how to pitch investors, lenders or even what to include (or exclude) on their funding applications.

     So for fear of being rejected, made to look the fool and ruin any future potential opportunities they sit.. and they wait.. and they overthink right before talking themselves out of even trying.

    ...or have you actually done the opposite and gone too far, spoke too fast and put your foot in your mouth ruining your credibility?  Don't even get me Started on negotiating and counter-offers!

    Discover Your Options

    Three keys that usually stop your chances of approved funding dead in its tracks!

    We can show you how to get around these barriers to get the money! 

    Personal FICO Credit Score Matters!  

    Normally you would need a personal FICO score of at least 620 to even be considered for funding.. but we can fix that.

    Your business can have its own credit profile and a credible Financial Branding to get funding with its own EIN number instead of the business owner's SSN.

    This way you can qualify for No Personal Guarantee (PG) Funding, 10X-100X funding limits, and low/no doc funding.

    tax return

    Two Years of Tax Returns

    The most common but elusive loan types, such as SBA Loan, requires two years of immaculate record-keeping and two years tax returns. 

    At most there are alternatives that help 6 month old businesses with high revenue but we almost exclusively offer assistance to brand new businesses too. 

    Loads of Research and Paperwork

    Our team of tenured experts can become your outsourced Finance Team without the hassle of recruiting, training or managing them.

    Take a training and get either two days of instruction with our DIY fast-track group workshop with live interaction OR 

    1:1 Training with 12-months ongoing support with assigned Financial Advisor and Officer.

    Get Funding

    Do you know what lenders look for?

    I really care about you so I'm going to be honest and tell you something totally opposite than your beloved Gurus and Colleagues have ever told you...

    Banks, Investors, and Association organizers don't care about your gift baskets or donuts and having an account or membership in good standing with them doesn't get your projects funded... only continued service...

    but because of personal experience with societal and industry norms I'd say you knew this already, Yes?


    Is Finding and Applying for funds too hard and take too much of your time?

    Do you get burnt out just at the thought of all the extra tedious tasks you've just added to your to-do list just to 'maybe' get funding? Does the constant reminder that you can't also add more hours into your day or simply hire someone to combat the additional hats you're wearing?

    Is the research and shopping around phase where you usually give up due to information overload or fear of rejection? How about filling the mountains of paperwork that must be done perfectly or start from scratch each and every time with every lender?

    Let us help you with that!

    We can also help you with Business Foundational Prep and Additional Services all in one place.

    Of course there are things you must have in place before anyone will approve your funding application:

    accountant bookkeeping

    Your Bookkeeping must be up-to-date!

    Every business must prove viability to show they are responsible enough to repay debts owed and as agreed..


    Your business must have a separate identity from you.

    Your business must be properly registered with clear evidence personal and business funds are not co-mingling.

    how to get funding

    You must prove Financial Responsibility

    Additionally if you don't initially qualify for funding and choose not to or cannot invest in your business development it is seen as a major red flag! You must invest in yourself if you want others to.

    Call Us 346-220-3074

    Need a bit more info before speaking to a Success Coach?

    Watch this quick overview of our program and see what it takes to get funding.

  • First, watch this quick video!!

  • This program overview answers frequently asked questions and what we called 'Should Ask Questions' more in depth well enough to move to the next step in securing funding for your business.

  • Secondly, Request a call back with a Success Coach.

  • Submit a request for a quick call-back with a Success Coach to evaluate your situation highlighting your goals and blockages stopping you from reaching them.

  • Lastly, Discuss the results of your Pre-Qualification App.

  • After filling the Pre-Qualification app, an Enrollment Specialist will review your results and  recommend the best course of action.

  • Get a Call Back

    Watch until the last 8 seconds to learn how to get funding for YOUR small business.

    Success Stories

    This company was 40 days old and already getting a lot of 'yes'. Are you next?

    John L.


    $100,000 Credit Limit including Sam's Club Mastercard for a 9 year old company who was only now building up their Financial Brand and Business Credit.


    Mary N.

    New York

    Need funding today?

    Simply fill out the form below and get started!

    Request a call back to discuss your options.

    Fill out the form below and we will get back to you in the order received.  We look forward to speaking with you.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Here are the answers to the most commonly asked questions

    Do I need to have good credit in order to get my business funded?

    No, you can get approved based on your business's EIN number.

    How can you help me Save time?

    Not only do we teach you the ins and outs of our simplified 4 step process for unlimited funding and business credit cards but you will also get unlimited access to your own dedicated advisor with a tailored strategy just for you and an outsourced finance team to help secure loans so all you have left to do is sign off and send it back. 

     No more negotiating, no more trying to figure out your best options, no more pushing papers and no more stumbling over your words trying to pitch your funding requests

    How long until I start seeing results with your program?

    It depends on how established your business's Financial Branding is and how fast you take action.

    For some they can see IMMEDIATE results and Some businesses amass huge results taking full advantage of the trainings within 60-90 days even starting from scratch.

     Some businesses don't need funding as often and are not as ambitious and can take additional months so it all depends on you ultimately.

    What is the process of working with you?

    You start by watching a brief video overview of the program (above) and then requesting a quick callback to get started reviewing your goals and situation.

    Choice 1: If you already meet basic requirements you can skip business funding training and place applications.

    Choice 2: To better your chances and approval terms, get great membership perks and an all-in-one system with exclusive and advanced-level training

    Ready to Get Started?

    Leave your name and number for us to contact you about getting funding for your Small Business.

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